My Baby Toddler Adventure began, like all parents,

with the birth of my first child....

Hello there! My name is Jen and I own Baby Toddler Adventure. I am a mum to two wonderful little boys; a baby and a toddler! Before it was a business, Baby Toddler Adventure was an Instagram account posting on a variety of baby friendly foods. My first born decided early on he definitely would not eat off of a spoon so I had to get creative with his meals (hands only/minimum mess was the plan!) Instagram was a great platform for sharing ideas and I quickly discovered many other mums out there having similar issues with stubborn babies. Over the next year or so I realised there were parents everywhere crying out for and offering tips, hints and help not only on food but on all aspects of babyhood and parenting.

When our second baby arrived he could not have been more different from our first.  Sleep patterns, eating habits, temperament - everything!  It was like having our first all over again and the learning curve was just as steep.  I found myself once again talking to parents with more than one child for tips on how to manage them both and even going back to the basics on what to feed him (baby number two has an egg allergy but the majority of my handy food recipes from baby one relied on egg!).

The idea for the Baby Toddler Adventure Symposium stemmed from my own experience as a first time mum ... and then mum of 2. It is not easy. I remember spending many a night searching for information on “how to get a baby to sleep” and “what is the right food to feed my baby and how much is normal”. This was time when I should have been using to catch up on my missed sleep but I spent that time worrying. If possible, I really hope to support parents (especially new parents) in a way where they don’t have to spend their precious time searching for an answer. Instead they can ask their questions to like-minded people who have a wealth of knowledge to impart... because they have already been through it- and got the t-shirt!!

The other thing I realised, and thus explains the other part of my business, is from the gifts I received at my second baby shower. People generally are not sure what would be most useful to a mum and her newborn. There really is very little practical use for the 6 silver spoons! This inspired me to form Baby Toddler Adventure - a “mum-biz” which offers practical, useful gifts for mums and dads as well as those which have a more personal touch.


​​​I wanted my core products to be gift boxes which were not only beautiful but practical. Something special for new parents but which have a genuinely useful purpose as well. It is for those first time mums who might not be too sure what they need. It is the perfect gift for that expecting friend. It is for those people who just do not know what to buy, but want it to be something useful and personal!

Alongside these gift boxes, I have a range of other treats; art for your nursery or play room, gifts for her, for him (for you!)! Including Shimmering chocolate truffles! These can all be sent directly to your gift recipient with a personalised message. The shop will be updated regularly so keep checking back and on Facebook/Instagram for new products added as well as any special offers.

​At the end of the day none of the gifts sold on this website will ever come close to the gift of a new child, but that water bottle which can open with one hand when breast feeding a grumpy baby all night as you slowly die of thirst might just come close! Just remember you aren’t alone either, if you have any parenting questions or concerns (or even celebrations to share!) then pop over and join us in the Symposium.

Best Wishes, 


As an independent online shop, I am proud to support the Campaign to shop Independent (#CampaignShopIndependent) Championed by Holly Tucker and her team at Holly & Co. 

Thank you for supporting this small business.

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