Oooh such a hot topic. How do we, as parents, manage behaviour? Do we infact manage it? 

Fundamentally, we as parents have a responsibility to ensure our child is happy and safe and we need to realise children will push boundaries but it is upto us to set them. How can a child learn right from wrong if they have no examples or any guidance? This makes our job very difficult sometimes. We can't always be their friend. I sometimes struggle with discipline but there are certain behaviours that need highlighting as unsafe or dangerous. Whilst I am telling my child off I think it's important to remind him that it is his behaviour, not him, that I am unhappy with. 

You have to find the balance and what works for you. This is not an easy fix or discussion sometimes.

Here is useful information I have come across in my research...

Our Mama Village - an instagram account full of really useful information about why children behave the way they do. They offer online courses "how to parent little kids with big feelings" and "calming anxiety in motherhood" and guidance on toddler meltdowns. 

Would you like to be included in this list?

Is there a company or person you have used before which would be good to include here?

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