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If you would like to feature as part of my guest series on my blog,

please email me:

Deadline for submission is 4th November 2020 so please email across before then.

For blog submission ideas, please review the latest guest blog entries or drop me an email!

please note:

1. It is at the discretion of the website owner when the blog post itself will be posted but this series will run within the next 6 months. Please check Instagram for updates, it might not be possible to let you know ahead of when it is published.

2. There is no monetary value to your blog submission but full credit will be given. Please ensure your name and any social handles/links that you would like to share are submitted along with your post.  

3. Please ensure any photos that are used (if you are using them) belong to yourself and you have permission to show any children in the photo (if any are shown).

4. Please ensure any photos are .jpeg format and limited to a maximum of 4 per blog post (please get in touch if you want include any more).

5. The link to your guest blog post will be shared on Facebook and other social media by Baby Toddler Adventure and at least one grid post will appear on Baby Toddler Adventure's Instagram page. It would be appreciated if you could share across your social media also when it's published.

6. Please ensure the topic of the blog is related in some way to either parenting, well-being, self-care, positivity, or another topic which is in keeping with the ethos of Baby Toddler Adventure. It may not be included if the tone isn't in keeping. If you are unsure, please email for advice prior to submitting a full blog post. 

7. It is up to the founder of Baby Toddler Adventure if the guest blog post will be posted on this blog.

8. Please make sure the content is editorial in style and not commercial. The blog is not designed to be a selling platform but rather a chance to showcase information. Again, if the blog post is too sales orientated, it might not be published. Any doubts, contact

9. Any questions at all in relation to submitting a guest blog, please contact me via email.

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