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Those in the North West, there is a brilliant place that recently opened up called The Mama Sanctuary. Based in Stockport, it is beauty salon and shop- with a creche. With each beauty treatment, you are able to get  one free place in their creche for the duration of the treatment So you are able to get some "me time" even if you can't find a babysitter. However, please do check when booking what the new covid arrangements are.


Further information here:

I only hope they may franchise and open up all around the UK so all mothers can enjoy this!

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I recently discovered Tried and Tested. She does a LIVE most Wednesdays over on Facebook and she discusses all sorts of aspects of parenting in a very humorous way. 

How to Dad NZ has another very funny take on parenting. He has a whole library of video on Youtube covering how to put a baby to bed to activities to keep them (and you) entertained. 


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