So, What Is With The Pegs?

When I was coming up with the ideas for my gift boxes, one of my aims was to make the gift as useful as possible. I realised this didn't have to just apply to the actual items IN the gift box but I wanted to think of use for the packaging. 

Then it occurred to me, why not make every part of the packaging useful. 

I really wanted to use twine and parcel paper with my gifts as I love the look. So I knew twine would be involved somehow. But what could you do with twine? ah ha! You can use it to display... well... anything! I actually have my children's artwork on display in our play room with twine. All I needed to do is add in is a set of mini pegs and suddenly the twine is useful.


AND re-useable.

Not only do I tick off the list that I have created something useful, but it is also eco-friendly.


By finding another use for the packaging, there is less waste.

What about the parcel paper? I hear you ask. Well, flatten that down, and suddenly you have scrap paper for your children (or you!) to draw on!

I would LOVE if you send me pictures of how you have used your pegs, twine or parcel paper. Maybe you could think of another use for them. Or perhaps you have displayed art work that your children are proud of. 

If you send me your pictures, I will include them in my gallery above and post about them on my social media (giving you full credit of course).


Make sure to include the hashtag #babytoddleradventure so I can find you.



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