Play Ideas

Play! The main thing children want to do all the time.

Come rain or shine.

Children really don't need much in terms of toys when it comes to play time. What's that old adage, give a child a present and they end up playing with the box! More and more the most popular way to play is open ended play or setting up "invitations to play". This is where you leave out an activity and  the child can choose to play it or not. Play is lead by the child rather than dictated to by the adult. I whole heartedly believe this is the best way to inspire good play. I mean, there is often no way a toddler does what you say at the best of times anyway! (ha!) 

For me, I find the best advice and inspiration for play ideas from Instagram alongside some great books!

Play Hooray - has a selection of Play Prompt activity Cards for a variety of ages ranges

5 Minute Mum- she has a website full of brilliant play ideas and she also just released a book!

Instagram Accounts

Peachy Speech - she is actually a speech therapist but she has some fantastic play ideas which are also educational and helps support speech and learning development.

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