A New Normal

Dare I say it? Is this what life will be like for the foreseeable future? What exactly is the new normal, and should we be simply accepting this?

So, we are in week 9 of now a "sort-of" lock down. Some restrictions have been eased, we are allowed to go outside more and see ONE member of another household... I think. There has been alot of confusion around the latest guidance from the government. I think that take home points are that we should be doing all we can to keep ourselves safe.

The updated government message announced Sunday 10th May

For me, I will still be minimizing my social interactions, in that, I won't be seeing any family or friends still. Thankfully we have some good arrangements to stay in touch thanks to technology (seriously, how would we have coped in an age without the internet?!) I will still be super careful when I HAVE to go to the supermarket for food.

But Hubby and I are planning to drive somewhere a little bit further afield to take the boys for a walk somewhere else soon. We have been sticking to our local area rigidly for the past 9 weeks and it has been hard to make the same walk exciting. We will be taking them somewhere remote with (hopefully) minimal sighting of other people and if we do come across anyone, we will be maintaining a strict distance. However, at the time of writing this, I am struggling to think of where that can be. I know alot of people are eager to travel further afield and they probably have the same idea too. The issue is, if we all go to that remote place, it isn't really remote anymore!

Photo taken on our last outing to Dunham Massey back in early March 2020

We are members of the National Trust and super keen to go back to one of their wonderful parks or open grounds. However we are abit nervous everyone else has this idea. So if you are in the North West of England, message me with any ideas you have! My boys and I will appreciate it.

Isn't it so strange though, to be so excited and nervous about going to visit a park?! Is this the new normal? I guess until a vaccine has been given to everyone... perhaps it will have to be. My priority is keeping my family safe, so I want to make sure I'm following the guidance as it is announced.

So, what is your opinion about the schools re-opening at the beginning of June? I know, it is a mixed bag of emotions over this. Talking to different parents, most have their concerns and apprehensions over how to keep their children safe, but at the same time they know they have been missing their friends, school life and vital education. It has become abit of a hot topic at the moment. Our nursery have asked us if we are sending our boys back and we are actually quite unsure what to do for the best. They have been sorely missing the fun activities they do there as well as mixing with friends their own age. But at the same time, I worry if they would be more open to catching something (as we all know children are just germ magnets) however I know what little fighters they are and actually they may even have already had the virus but just not shown any symptoms (come on general testing for all!!!). At the time of writing this, well, you can see, I am completely conflicted.

In other, more positive news, did you see the giveaway that I announced last Friday? This ends on Saturday at midnight, so make sure you enter as soon as you can. I have teamed up with the wonderful Kerrie at A Mother's Baby Steps. She has created a set of mummy milestone cards which would make the perfect baby shower or new mummy present. She is giving away a set of this for the competition so big thank you Kerrie! AND you will also win this beautiful canvas!

I also took part in the Postable Pop-Up Market on Saturday. If you missed the showcase that was in my Instagram Stories, I saved them in my Highlights which you can find under my Instagram profile. I filmed a series of videos (so you get to hear my voice and see my face- eeek!) and also showed off my gift boxes!! I'm hoping this will help spread the word of my little small biz and also direct more parents over to my Facebook group- The Symposium.

You can find the Postable Pop-up Showcase in my Highlights

So that's me for this week, I truly hope you are all staying safe in these strange and unusual times. And if you ever need a chat or have a question, you can find me on my Instagram or in The Symposium! I would love to know your thoughts on the questions I've raised in today's post.

Best Wishes,




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