Appreciating the Beauty of Nature

With all that is happening at the moment, I have to say I am very thankful for the great weather we have been having lately. Though we have been restricted in what we do. Even when lockdown was at its highest, we were still allowed to go for a walk each day. I think this has been my saving grace.

I have always loved nature, going for walks, appreciating moments of beauty but I am grateful for it now even more. Even with what is going on, you look up to the trees and they don't know. You watch the birds flying in the sky and hear their morning song. They don't know. It can almost feel like normal.

On Monday, my family and I went for a wander in the nearby fields and we took a picnic with us. It wasn't a full picnic, just some snacks for the boys really. But it was the best time ever. According to Toddler that is! We found a quiet field, no one else around except million of buttercup flowers dotted among the grass. The boys ran around, had their snack and drink. We could sit still for a moment and appreciate this moment. It almost felt normal.

And on Tuesday, we decided to check out the National Trust owned Alderley Edge Forest walk "The Edge". With it not being a bank holiday we thought it might not be so busy and the risk of running into anyone else might be low. The car park itself was quite busy with cars, but once we entered the woods, there was not that many people around and any we did see kept a respectful distance. We ended up following a trail around the forest which was actually quite a long way. As we went in the morning (we always have more luck with the boys in the morning rather than the afternoon as they don't tire out so easily) they were able to keep up the whole way. This time we took a full picnic with us and stopped to enjoy the food we brought in two different remote places within the forest itself. We were very careful to make sure no one else would be around when we stopped to eat as per the guidelines.

All in all, we had a fabulous trip out, the most "normal" occasion we had been on for a very very long time. It recharged our batteries. Ok, it did tire us out but in that good kind of tired which feels worthwhile. I look forward to more adventures with my boys in the woods! It makes such a change than just walking around our immediate local area. Don't get me wrong, I do love where we live.... but there is only so many times you can make the same walk around the block exciting!

Have you discovered any secret walking places on your travels? In fact, have you traveled? I know some people are still concerned about the spread of the virus. I am too. But I feel that as long we are careful and respectful of the guidelines, we should try and get out where we can. Especially if you have young children. It is so hard to keep them entertained at home all the time and I know that I am in the fortunate position to enjoy a garden, some people aren't that lucky. I hope we reach the conclusion of this pandemic sooner rather than later. But I know life isn't going to "just go back" to the way things were.

The government announced on Sunday just gone that non-essential shops are allowed to re-open from the 15th June as long as they follow strict guidelines. How do you feel about this? A part of me is looking forward to being able to shop again. But at the same time, I know it's not going to be how it was. There is going to be restrictions on how many people can go in a shop, there will be queues outside, people will have to use more hand sanitizer and not touch products they aren't buying etc. I just don't see how shopping will be an enjoyable experience again.... until we have a vaccine that is. Many people have anxiety over their doing their food shopping already (me included!) so, although I suspect there will be a rush back to the shops once they open. I think there will still be many keeping their distance. I won't be rushing back. I think I will only be shopping for food as and when I need to, and only when I really need to for the foreseeable future.

Let me know what helps you through these lockdown days, is it a walk in the woods? Or have you discovered something else which brightens you day?

Best wishes for another week,





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