Celebrating Small Business Part 1

This week I have been posting on Instagram in relation to the Small Biz Moment's Celebration challenge. In this week's blog post, I round up and further the discussions.

So firstly, why did I decide to complete this Instagram challenge? There are so many different challenges posted each month (or week) on the 'Gram. I chose this one as I really liked the idea of promoting my business through celebration! It feels good to be positive and to remind myself of why I did convert my Instagram profile into a small business.

As a mother myself, I know how hard it is to raise children. How lonely it can be (even if you do have a partner), how taxing mentally and physically, and how much pressure mothers (and fathers) put themselves under, worrying if what they are doing is the right thing. I am currently working on the resources section of this website. I wanted to set up Baby Toddler Adventure as a resource to new parents (mums and dads), to show them they aren't alone and hopefully to impart some of the wisdom I have picked up on my own adventure. My aim is to collect useful information for new parents and present it in easy to digest segments so no matter how bleary eyed and sleep deprived you are, it's easy to read! I don't profess to know all the "right"answers but I would like to compile some easier to access information that can certainly help.

Alongside I also manage my online shop selling gifts. The showcases of my shop are my gift boxes (which I plan on adding to). The Night Feed box in particular has been designed to help new parents through those first few months of sleep deprivation and the Time For You gift box is aimed at giving you an excuse to take a time out and a relax. Both are suitable gifts for mums or dads. For further information, please check out my shop.

So back to the challenge. My thanks goes firstly to Maxine from Small Biz Big Moments for creating this fun challenge. You may have seen my posts on my feed. But here I round everything up.

1. Oh Hello, It's me.

Hello. My name is Jen and I am proud to be mummy to two beautiful boys. I originally started this Instagram account as Baby Food Adventure as I was exploring the world of baby led weaning and found Instagram the perfect place for recipe inspiration. The account soon evolved when I had my second baby and my adventure continued into the world of 2 under 2. The account expanded again when I decided to turn my Instagram into a small business! Of course I timed everything perfectly and launched *just* before coronavirus became a thing. But I am proud of my little brand. The ethos of my business is to provide support to parents. As a mum, I know how challenging raising children can be. In particular how tough those first few months are. 

So stay tuned as I have many plans in the works and I will be announcing here first what they are soon! 

Some random facts about me: ~I am slightly obsessed with lavender. So relaxing. ~I actually worked for The Open University for a number of years. I loved working there and met some incredible people. Including Aneta who also photographed my wedding day! 💍 ~I would take a city break over a beach holiday any day. I truly miss exploring new cities and hope to plan a getaway as soon as I can. ~I have Irish blood running through my veins! In that, both my parents were born in the Emerald Isle! ~I have been told several times by several different people (my husband included) that I use a knife incorrectly🍴. I hold it strangely, in a motion of pulling it downwards with my hand on top of the handle. What can I say? I'm not perfect! (haha)

So that's me. Welcome to Baby Toddler Adventure. I hope you stick around and join in. I am an emerging business so any feedback would be appreciated. I am constantly looking for ideas so comment below or drop me an email. I'm open to all suggestions!

2. The thing I'm celebrating today is...


With everything that is going on in the world at the moment and lockdown meaning it feels like all days are merging into one. Sometimes I wake up and I have to take a minute to figure out what day it is. I am grateful for the little routines we have in our lives. It centres us. For example we always have pancakes on a Saturday morning. It's our Saturday treat. And even though every day could be a "Saturday" right now, saving pancakes for then makes them a little bit more special.✨

So it means we still have something to look forward to, that actually is quite simple. We don't need to go anywhere or do anything in particular (well I do have to make them but I'm getting to be a pro at that now!). We just get to sit as a family and enjoy our pancakes with honey or whatever fruit I happen to have left when Saturday comes along!

So it may seem like a strange thing to "celebrate". But having routines can help with anxiety and uncertainty. Routines can ground you and help you enjoy all aspects of life.

3. My Small Biz is fab because...

It is a hard thing, to blow your own trumpet. But if you don't, who will? I think that's the point of today's challenge. It's OK to be proud of all you have achieved.

The whole reason I founded Baby Toddler Adventure is to celebrate the moment a parent is born.

Sometimes that gets forgotten. It is wonderful to welcome a baby into the world. There are plenty of gifts that the baby can receive. They get showered with toys, swaddles, comforters, bath soaps etc etc but the parent (in particular, mum who did the hardest part of birth!) gets forgotten. I'm not saying we shouldn't give baby gifts, but it's important to remember the parents' also. They didn't exist before baby is born and now they have the biggest adventure of their lives ahead of them.

So the gifts I sell and my website is geared up to provide support to parents. In particular new parents. I remember so clearly how overwhelmed I felt when I first held my baby in my arms. I aim to lessen this feeling with the support, advice and information I share.

So yes, even though my business is in its infancy and I have big plans ahead. I am proud of how far I have already come. My small business IS fab.

4. Lovely words

As a small biz, lovely words are amazing to hear. Today's prompt is "lovely words".

Before lockdown occurred I received this lovely review about my night feed box. It reaffirmed to me that I was on the right track with the ideas I had for the business.

I hope to receive more feedback in the future. Not only does it feel amazing to hear the good things😊 but all feedback can help me shape the direction my business.

I created the night feed box especially to help parents with the hardship of losing their sleep. As a new parent, it was one of the hardest things I had to adjust to. It contains the tools you need to cope with the late nights and early mornings.

If you would like to find out more about the Night Feed Gift Box, you can access my online shop through the link in my bio.

5. The moment I launched my biz

The Instagram post originally announced my website was open for business!

The moment my small biz launched I was filled with excitement and nerves. This had been something I had been working on behind the scenes for a few months and finally I was able to reveal what I had been working on. I was filled with doubt and questions but at the same time I was proud of my ideas and how everything looked. I remember those feelings as if they were yesterday, as in fact, they were only a few weeks ago. The website had only actually been live a couple of weeks before Boris Johnson declared lock down across the UK. My business hadn't really had chance to flourish before I closed my virtual doors. But I am remaining positive and true to my business goals even through this strange and unusual time.

By the way, my launch date actually coincided with my birthday.. So each passing year I shall have two reasons to celebrate on the 4th March!

On the same day I celebrated my birthday

6. Promo Yourself

I have talked before about the gift boxes available on my online shop and how they are the main showcase pieces that compliment the website. But what you might not realise is that I do offer other gift products. I do believe it's important to celebrate every moment in whatever way you choose. So today I am highlighting these beautiful baby milestone cards and keepsake box.

This truly makes the perfect baby shower or new baby gift. The milestone cards tracks all the major milestones throughout baby's first year and there is a space on the back to complete more details and the date of achievement. What sets these milestone cards apart from others is that it comes with a very handy keepsake box to store and display the cards! It truly is something beautiful that you can look back on over the years. If you could like to find out more information on this and any of my other gift ideas, please check out the shop. I would love to know your thoughts.

Day 7. My Most Favourite Celebration is...

For me, I have 3. Well more if I include my wedding which I loved but I'm going to highlight 3 in today's post.

Pre-children, my most favourite celebration was my 30th birthday. My husband arranged the most amazing surprise. We were living in Dubai at the time and I had previously admitted I was feeling abit sad that none of my friends and family (still living in the UK) would be able to celebrate with me. But I had kind of made peace with it. It is what it is, it was what it was.✨ Then one day after I opened the door from work (and this was actually a month before my actual birthday!) there they were!!! Just standing there in my living room were my parents, family and friends. Cheering and yelling "SURPRISE!!!!".

I was so overwhelmed, I looked at them all..... And then ran off before they could see me cry ugly happy tears! This remains with me until this day. I felt so so blessed to have these people in my life. The fact they travelled so so far to celebrate my birthday with me. I am one lucky girl.

The other 2 magical celebrations have to be the birth of my children. Post-children, these two treasures are the most precious things in my life. I celebrate each day they are here, even when they drive me mad. The love I have for them is limitless. ❤️❤️


So there are still 3 more days to go of this Instagram challenge and I have been finding it super fun. I hope you have enjoyed a walk down my memory lane. Stay tuned to what lies ahead!

Best Wishes,




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