It Is So Good To Be Back

It's Thursday so it's blog day! Today I will round up the last 3 days of the Instagram challenge I completed at the end of last week and look at the re-launch of my business!

So I announced on Monday that my business will be reopening for orders. This was super exciting for me as I have been waiting for this moment ever since I had to close my virtual doors on the 23rd March. I know we aren't past the threat of Corona-virus yet however I am being safe and cautious in that I'm only doing one postal run a week and I'm ensuring that I each gift is packaged with great care.

What a busy week it has been. Ever since I finished the Small Biz Big Moments Instagram challenge it has been a roller coaster ride. The day 10 and last day of the Instagram challenge on Sunday was all about "keeping it rolling" and that is exactly what I have done. I celebrated my re-launch, the announcement of the Symposium and the showcase of my latest product, The Hopes & Dreams gift box! Not only did all that happen, I was also interviewed for a local radio station which was on air last night (Wednesday 13th May).

I have to take minute now to thank my husband so much for his support during this time. Whilst I have been creating content and getting things ready for my re-launch he has really helped by looking after the children so I can get these things done. It has been very hectic whilst both young boys have been at home, they require constant entertainment and care, I couldn't have done it without his support and encouragement. When the opportunity arose to be interviewed on the radio, as nervous as I was, he encouraged him to step out of my comfort zone. In fact, this whole process has allowed me to explore a world, a business world, that I was not familiar with. And I am enjoying learning the ins and outs of digital marketing, PR, and social media. I'm still learning, and will continue to so.

Reflecting on the Instagram challenge. These were the last 3 days...

Day 8 Fri-Yay Vibes

For day 8 of the challenge set by Small Biz Big Moments, I am tying two things together. It is Friday (woo!) AND it is VE day.

I feel it is important to remember times gone by, times of hardship, times of loss. There has never been anything like World War II since (thankfully). But we must remember what happened so we don't repeat history and we honour the past. We also must remember the people who worked so tirelessly then and who gave their lives to keep us safe.

Some could argue we are facing our own war with this Corona-virus at the moment. It's a silent enemy and there are no trenches this time, just our own home. We must persevere because we can and we will. We did it with a physical enemy, we can do it with this quiet one.

One thing that is great about the UK nation is the power of the people. We stand outside our houses each Thursday evening and clap for our carers. And we shall sit in our front gardens later today and toast to the war long gone. As a nation. This was what Winston Churchill meant. We can overcome anything, not through politics, but pulling together as a nation.

How did you celebrating VE day? Hopefully it was a brilliant day full of happy memories, even if it was celebrated at home, in our garden or on your front doorstep.

Day 9 The Biz Win

My small biz is still in its infancy but I have big plans!

So my favourite biz win so far on my adventure is seeing my business in a magazine! There was something just so exciting about opening up my copy and seeing my business name there in print.

The advert was something I designed and worked hard on myself and it's my first ever ad! 🤩

I also loved that I am featured in such a great magazine. It's called Positive Wellbeing Zine for Mums and is beautifully produced by Emma Cottam of Isabella & Us. In fact you can still buy the issue I'm featured in today from her website.🌻

I know there will be other exciting things in my business future but I will always be proud of my first advert.

Day 10 Keeping It Rolling

Not, 1, not 2, but I have 3 exciting announcements lined up.

Day 10 of the Instagram challenge (sadly the last day) is "Keep It Rolling". So OK I will! Stay tuned to my grid..... The celebrations will be continuing!

Thank you to Maxine from Small Biz Big Moments for creating the Instagram challenge. I've found it a fun 10 days and it's made me realise there is so much to celebrate at the moment even if times are unusual.


So that was it! The first Instagram challenge I have actually completed all of! I think this is down to the great and interesting prompts set each day and also the fact it was a manageable 10 days.

I'm feeling really positive about the re-launch of my business and I am so looking forward to continuing my business adventure. All the support I have been receiving over the past few days has been amazing and my heartfelt thanks goes to all who has shared, liked, commented on or told their friends about the website and the Symposium.

And the excitement doesn't stop here, there is so much more to come. Starting with being featured in this weekend's Curated Makers' #PostablePopup Market on Instagram. Pop along on Instagram and take part. It starts at 11am on Saturday through to Sunday. There is lots of encouragements at the moment out there to "shop small". These businesses tend to be the most affected by the lockdown and economic downturn at the moment. So the more support we can rally, the better!

See you over on Instagram soon!

Best Wishes,




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