Lockdown 2.0 and a general hello

I thought I would pop onto the blog and say hello, it’s been a while.

The last time I chimed in with my own post was back in September and boy, does that feel like a long time ago now. How is it we are nearly at Christmas? It’s so funny how this year feels like it’s been an age and yet at the same time it’s gone just so fast.

How are you doing?

I have to admit, lockdown 2.0 doesn’t feel any different to life just before. I live in the Manchester area so we already were in tier 3. My children were going to nursery and as my husband is a teacher, he was in school. My university course had started and around that I was still working from home- as I always have. So when lockdown 2.0 was announced, the only real difference for us is that we really had no where to go! Soft play areas were closed and there was talk of those opening up- but then we weren’t able to in the end. So as literally nothing is open, we are back to our long walks when we can and you know, that’s ok. I am finding if you can get out and get some fresh air, it’s easier to deal with all the other stuff.

Illustration by Stacey (Awesome Mama)

That’s not to say it’s been easy. The juggle has been at times a real struggle. I have two assignments due very very shortly (one THIS Friday.. well tomorrow!) and because they are the first assignments for my course I am so nervous. It’s been so long since I have worn an academic hat, a part of me worries that all I have written is a pile of rubbish. But I think I just need to have faith, because I am so enjoying the course, the assignment should hopefully reflect that. Fingers crossed!

On the business front, everything is progressing nicely. Stacie Swift mentioned me in her stories last week and that was a lovely boost. I have some new followers joining in which is always lovely and although I am not flooded with orders, I am getting some! I am also going to be working on re-jiggling a few gift boxes as I am either out of stock or low on stock for some of them (not the worst problem to have I guess!) and I would like to come up with some new fresh gifts. But it’s all time…. Which I am lacking lately! ...soon!

Another major business development I am so excited about is the continuation of the guest blog series. Not only have I enjoyed connecting with new people and exploring their worlds, on a personal level I have enjoyed reading the posts they write. There have already been a few more people interested in being featured in the blog and over the next few weeks all will be revealed!

If you would like to, or you know someone who would like, to take part and submit a blog, please do email me. One of the big aspirations I have with Baby Toddler Adventure is for it to be a place of knowledge and information exchange and support each other on our parenting journeys.. Whether that is activities to do with the children or tools for our own self care.

Lastly, I just want to thank you all for coming on this adventure with me. This year has been such a bumpy ride but also for me, it’s been a real wonder setting up and exploring the small business world and connecting with so many lovely people.

Wishing you, as always, the best,




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