Self-Care, Do You Make Time for it?

I think that almost everyone has heard the latest buzzword of "self-care". This is the idea that you should care and make time for yourself. You don't necessarily have to be a parent to know this word, although it is often applied because parents naturally put others first e.g. their children, before their own needs.

But like when you are in an airplane and the safety sheet reminds you you should put on your oxygen mask before others, it is often important that we do find time to practice self-care. Even if it is only for 5 minutes. Take whatever time you can get, check out of your busy life and just be.

You know what, it is so hard to do this. I know it is because I often fail to follow my own advice. I say to others it's so important, take the time etc. But often I reach the end of the week and I haven't stopped. Most days, especially during lockdown, I am woken by a child patting me not so softly on the head as my eyes blearily open and it's just a roller-coaster of events until I sit on the sofa after the children's bedtime and then all I want to close my eyes again. But I find if I don't take a few minutes in a day to sit quietly, practice a meditation in a quiet space, I am more frazzled by the end of the day. Just like a phone with low battery, we, without a second thought, give it a rest to charge. Why not do the same with ourselves.

So how do you do "self-care"? I hear you ask. What things could I possibly do with my limited time which can help me feel refreshed and revitalized. Perhaps your partner can only spare a few minutes between work calls, or maybe it's time to put the TV on (dun dun, dunnn!) for a 10 minute Paw Patrol just so you can use that time for you.

Self care doesn't have to take a long time. It doesn't even have to be complicated or expensive!

10 Self-Care Tips, from me to you:

  1. Make Hot Drink.... and drink it whilst it's still hot.

  2. Spend 2 more minutes in the shower and give you hair an extra shampoo and rinse (or... take a shower!)

  3. Apply a face mask, lay on your bed and close your eyes until it's soaked into your skin.

  4. When your children are reading their books (might work with older children, not mine!) get out yours and read a chapter!

  5. Spray your favourite perfume and spend 30 seconds appreciating it's scent. (might as well wear it at home, it's not like we aren't going anywhere fancy for it)

  6. Speaking of going no where, put on your favourite t-shirt/top/outfit. Dress up and be glamourous at home. You could even make it a dress up party with your children!

  7. In the morning, look out your window and soak up the sun for as long as you can. It is said if you can get some sunshine for at least 15 minutes in the morning it can set you up for a more positive day AND help have better sleep when it comes to nighttime.

  8. Speaking of sleep, why not go to bed 10 minutes earlier than usual (don't burn the midnight oil). Sleep has a massive effect on our mindset. The better sleep you have, the happier your outlook.

  9. If you have to read the news, read it once just before lunch, and then turn off your TV/news app for the rest of the day. We don't need so much negativity in our lives and as informative as the news is, I find it draining on my emotions. You could have a read of magazines and newspapers which focus on wellbeing and happier stories such as The Happy Newspaper, Happiful and Positive Wellbeing Zine - to name a few!

  10. Un-follow any social media accounts that make you feel unhappy. Why do this to yourself. Bring in positivity. You shouldn't compare with others because you are doing amazing- just as you are!

Do you have any ideas you could add to the list?

Self-care is our topic of the week on Baby Toddler Adventure Symposium. I posed the prompt on Sunday about doing 3 things for YOU this week as a reminder and a nudge. As parents it is so easy to forget about yourself. Why not join the group and share your thoughts and ideas?

This is why I created the Time For You Gift Box. It is the ultimate self-care treat for parents. This is a letterbox size gift box (so it will fit through your letter box) full of pampering products. They are all brands you know and trust. They could be used all in one go, or for smaller "me time" moments. You can find out more on my shop. There is also a special offer discount at the moment, so you can get your Time for You Gift box or send to your friend with 20% off!!

I hope you are having a fab week, I would love to hear from you on my comments below or Instagram: What do you do for you?

Best Wishes,





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