Terrible Twos

I sometimes feel like I should only share the good days, the Instagram-pretty photos, the more glamorous side of motherhood (is there one?) but that’s not what Baby Toddler Adventure is about. I started Baby Toddler Adventure with the goal to share honest stories about parenthood- the highs and the lows. And so this week I want to share this with you. As much as I love my children, I am really struggling with liking my two year old this week.

I feel awful saying that but it’s true. I am exhausted by him this week. He has reached a stage in his development where he is pushing all and every boundary. I think of myself as a kind of parent who wants to let her children explore and not say “no” unless I really have to. I want them to learn to, almost, pick themselves up after they fall. I don’t want to wrap them up in cotton wool but I obviously still want to keep them safe- it’s a balance. But this week I feel all I have been saying to my 2 year old is “no”, “get down”, “get off your brother”, “don’t do that” and it is draining. He has the most heartbreaking cry- which I swear increases my blood pressure and I feel like I am the most stressed I have ever been.

You’d think because I have an older child the second time around would be easier. Surely I should have expected this and I should be able to handle this stage better by using the tools I learnt the first time around? It seems that isn’t the case. And well, the “tools” are really making sure he is safe as a priority but then enforcing what is right and wrong- even if he doesn’t agree. I also can’t quite remember this phase being this bad the first time around but I’m sure it was just as bad. I think our memories fade deliberately after time because who would have another baby when you are struggling with the terrible twos?!

I know this is just a phase, this will pass. But boy is it hard work right now.

As I log back into Instagram I can see that Our Mama Village has posted about boundaries on her Instagram and her advice is golden. So well timed as well, how did she know this was exactly my issue this week?! I understand this is what Little T is doing, he is testing boundaries and getting upset when he doesn't get his own way but wow, it is tough going.

I need to remind myself of the self care tools now more than ever. The simplest one being to remember to breathe. I get so caught up in his cries that sometimes I struggle to remember this but stepping back, taking a deep breath, really is the medicine at times like these.

It also doesn’t help that my phone broke over the weekend and I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. I feel like asking if I could start the week again on Saturday please! So my blog this week isn’t very long because I am just exhausted to be completely honest and I feel the above succinctly explains why. In the times without the children this week I am going to practice self-care and being kind to myself.

Next week my university course starts and everything is going to get much more hectic. I need to use this time now to recharge and re-centre. The time I have had away from my phone has shown me there is a balance to be had. I am going to be reassessing what is working with my social media and what isn’t and it’s time to make some changes. This blog is definitely staying however and I am so excited about the guest blog series starting next week!

I am still firmly focused on the business, and receiving support either via orders, likes or shares really does lift my spirits. So thank you. The guest blog series is now being finalised and the first blog from the series will be published next week! I am hoping the guest blog series will generate some interesting discussions, I am so interested to hear what you think. So stay tuned!

I definitely need to make time for me this week. I don't think I'm the only one either...

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