The Beauty of Stillness

This week for most is one of big change. Children are going back to school and some people are returning to work- back into their actual offices. Change can be great but it can also be really daunting.

For me, my husband has gone back to work. So I am filled with anticipation of what our new future looks like. I am back to being the primary carer again whilst he goes off to work and I know I will miss my partner in crime. Not simply because having two children, it is just easier with 2 adults on hand. But my adult conversation is also going. My immediate and direct connection to someone my age. I will miss his company.

On a personal note, September also brings a new adventure into my life. I am going back to university. So although I will miss my husband’s day to day company, I have a solo endeavour to undertake. And I am nervous. It’s the same feeling as that first day at a new job. Will it go ok? Have I made the right decision? Life is going to get more complicated now, is it a worthwhile move? But as scary as this next step is, it is a step forward and one that I know long term will benefit the whole family.

You can follow my learning adventure on my personal Instagram if you like.

So this week, before my course begins, I want to focus on the beauty of stillness. In this crazy, busy, non stop world we live in. I am finding more and more than I am craving quiet. I don’t think I am the only one either. Our lives have become more dependent on technology in order to make connections, I sometimes feel we get very caught up in it all.

Seeking silence.

I shared a breathing exercise a few weeks ago on my Instagram. It is nothing overly complicated. It is intended to give your mind a break from whatever thoughts are whirring around by guiding you to focus on your breath. Breathe in for 5, breathe out for 5 and you can do this whenever you feel you just need to pause.

On my personal Instagram account I am taking part in an Instagram challenge, devised by Helen of the Slow Down Collective with the #slowseptember . It almost couldn’t have come at a better time. If you would like to join in, my personal Instagram is @jen.williams.bta. The challenge is a series of daily prompts in order for us to acknowledge and appreciate going a little slower in life.

Also coming up this month, I have made some adjustments to the website in order to streamline it. It is now even easier to Create Your Own Gift Box. I have even created a Reel on Instagram showing how it works (although I think I need more practice at how you make these videos!) but I am hoping you follow it!! I also launched a BIG September Sale where you can pick up some real bargains. As a side note, members of my Facebook group Baby Toddler Adventure Symposium have been given access to an exclusive discount code which has unlimited uses throughout September and it also can be used on sale items!! You can find out more about the private group here.

Not only that, the guest blog series starts in a couple of weeks and I have already received some really interesting article pitches. There is still time to submit if you would like to be featured! Find out more information about this opportunity here.

So as much as I am going to try and slow down in September, there is still alot going on. So I guess my aim is to find a balance between going fast and taking things slow.

Looking over water always makes me feel calm

Here's too a "slower" week ahead!

Best Wishes,





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