These Strange and Unusual Times

In this blog post, I will discuss the certain situation with the world and how this has affected me. But I will also reflect on the future and discuss how it's important to remain hopeful and kind, to others and yourself.

Wow, so I officially launched my business on 4th March, moments before we realised how serious this Coronavirus really was in the UK. On the 23rd March, Boris Johnson officially declared we were on a lockdown. At this point, I made the decision to close my online shop.

So my small business didn't really get a chance to get going properly. Since the beginning of the year, I had been working towards my launch date goal of my birthday (4th March). So to put it mildly, when this all came about, I felt like a deflated balloon. I had all these ideas and goals of what I wanted to achieve and now everything is on hold.

I completely understand that these things are outside our control. The only thing we can control is staying at home and keeping our immediate family safe so that in the long term, we, as a country, can pick ourselves up and get back to a normal. But it still makes me sad that I'm unable to go any further with my business for now.

That doesn't mean my ideas have stopped however. I have decided (after a period of feeling blue) that I can use this time to work once more behind the scenes. I can think over the decisions I have made so far, make adjustments where I think they might be needed, try out new ideas, learning quietly and try out new skills. So when the time comes to open the business again, I can come back and be bigger and stronger than before. Rather than wallow, I can use this time for positive change.

It's the reason I still update my Instagram. Not only with positive messages but with ideas of what I do with my children during these lockdown days. I'm hoping these ideas might inspire others with their children, because I know how trying these times are. Mostly I want to keep my Instagram light and positive. There is enough darkness in the world at the moment, I want to try and be a beacon for hope. I also, the business side of me, wants to make sure I keep things interesting for the followers I have gained so far. So that when I do open my virtual doors again, there will be some people still there to tell!

We have all had to majorly adapt to these uncertain times. Whether it is now working from home where once you had to commute to an office, or if you work in a supermarket and now have to follow stricter protocols, or if you are a member of the NHS- saving lives in such strange conditions. It is an adjustment for everyone. And we need to remember to be kind to each other through all this time.

Being kind doesn't cost us anything but it makes the most impact. This is a value I try and teach my boys. I hope they are smart and work hard but almost above all, I hope my boys learn the value of being kind. I came up with a kind of slogan last year when I was talking about being kind to my toddler:"It's good to be kind, and kind to be good". I'm not sure it makes much sense, but what I mean it to say is that it's great when we are helpful and polite and kind to others, and also it's primarily kind to mummy if you are good too! (if you catch my drift!).

So in these strange and unusual times, lets try and be kind to each other. Stay at home, try and use this time to remain positive and hopeful (maybe turn off the news every so often) and why not try something you've always wanted to do (around the house!). Maybe get those little jobs done that you have always put off. Write a short book, paint the walls, tidy up the garden. If you have children it seems impossible to do anything else (I KNOW and I get you!) but try and find some time in the day (even if it is once a week) for YOU. Pick a new hobby, spend 5 minutes reading... .whatever it is. Being kind, also means being kind to yourself.

As the Queen said in her address to the Nation on the 5th April, "we shall meet again". This will be over at some point, this is not forever.

Stay safe, stay at home, and stay strong.

Best Wishes




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