Night Feed Gift Box

Night Feed Gift Box


The ultimate gift for new parents (mum or dad!).


Of all the new things to adjust to when becoming a new parent, the late nights and interrupted sleep are one of the hardest!

Why not choose a gift which is both practical (containing items which new parents really will use) but also beautiful.


Beautifully presented in an eco-friendly box with natural wood cushioning and tissue.


The Gift Box includes:

  • Re-usable, Flip Top Water bottle - specially chosen as it can be open one handed, enabling the consumer to stay hydrated whilst occupied with baby
  • Hottea Mama Night Owl Tea- this versatile tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. It is a herbal fusion especially blended for a good night's sleep. It contains no caffeine. (15 bags in this box- each bag can be used twice!)
  • Adjustable Lightweight Sleep Masks*- for those times when mum or dad is able to grab a quick nap in the day.
  • Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Balm Soothing 15ml- to help with those dark circles
  • Nivea Soothe and Protect Caring Lip Balm- keeping your lips soft and subtle can help you feel better overall
  • Lavender Sachet- this beautifully fragrant scent will be sure to help you stay calm and relaxed.
  • No Sleep Gang enamel pin - for your nappy bag or to proudly display on your shirt
  • x4 Handmade Affirmation Cards- to remind yourself you are a fab parent!
  • Pegs - so you can display your affirmation cards (find out more about this feature)


NEW Add on:

You can now add on a copy of the brilliant and nourishing Positive Wellbeing Zine to your gift (an additional £5 will apply)


Positive Wellbeing Zine
Sleep Mask Colour
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    We have done all we can to keep p&p costs to a minimum.

    Please also bear in mind the gift will be sent with Royal Mail so allow for a little extra time just in case.

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    Please ensure you say at checkout who to send to - otherwise as default it will be to the invoice address.

    If you would like to add in your own message, please write it below along with who it is to and the occasion :)

    Please check with the intended recicipent whether they have any allergies or skin conditions which means they might not be suitable for these products.



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