As a parent, I remember those first few months after you bring baby home from the hospital. I felt so overwhelmed that suddenly I had this little tiny child that I was responsible for... for life! I read all the pregnancy books and what to expect from the birth but I actually hadn't really read up on the parenting aspect of having a baby. As a first time mum, I spent hours researching a variety of topics and had many restless nights worrying as to whether I was doing the right thing. Ultimately, I learnt to trust my instincts and with time I have become more confident in my decisions but I remember those first few months so well. 

That's why I wanted to put together some parenting resources on my website. So that any other new parents would be able to access the information quickly and more easily than I originally did. So you can use this to dip in and out of as and when. It's a growing collection. (Bear with me, I have two small children myself so I'm compiling this as and when I come across something.)

If you find something you feel would be helpful to a new parent (or even a "life-hardened" parent!) then please send it across to me so I can include it here.

This section of the website is currently a work in progress. The various resources will always be changing and updating as the months go on. If you would like to contribute or have any suggestions, please email me.

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