This was a topic that I researched the most when I first had my baby. I think it's one of the most search for topic for new parents. The main question being "how can I get my sleep back?" but in various forms. One of the hardest things to adjust to, and it's something that you can't learn from a book, is a new sleep pattern. Or rather an interrupted sleep or lack of sleep pattern.

I've often wondered why babies are born with such a different sleep pattern that us adults. It comes down to the fact that in the womb, they could "eat" on demand any time of day or night so on arrival into the world, they expect the same living standards as they were used to. What follows is a period of adjustment, as they grow, they adjust their eating patterns but it just takes time.


Often the period of time just out of the womb is refered to as the "fourth trimester". This the time, if you can, you go gently, you take your time, you enjoy that newborn smell and bundles of cuddles. It's time when you have to embrace your lack of sleep and remember that it isn't forever. Ask for help when you can. Take the opportunities to sleep when you can, be it at midday, or midnight. Stay hydrated and make sure you eat something, both of these will help with your energy levels. Below are some links to other useful websites that I found particularly helpful (and still do, parenting is a never ending adventure!).


Baby Sleep Site

This website offers tailored sleep plans for a price and other information to do with sleep. 

The link below takes you to their sample routine plans for all ages which is worth a look.

Settling Techniques

There is a variety of different research out there about how to get babies to sleep. It is advisable to look at all the methods out there and use whatever you feel most comfortable with, what suits your and your baby's needs. Perhaps adapting a method to better suit you might be a good idea.

Fundamentally, with all of the different techniques out there, the first step in all is creating a calming bedtime routine including some of these ideas: bathtime, feed, brushing teeth, story, cuddles, "night night"- in whatever order suits you and adapting as baby gets older.

Here are the other techniques you could use or adapt to suit:

Safer Sleep Advice

Useful Instagram Accounts to follow

Elizabeth Bine - Pediatric Sleep Consultant (@elizabethbinesleepconsultant)

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