The Symposium

Why don't you come and join in the conversation in the Symposium. 

This is a specially created Facebook group to discuss all things parenting, with no hold bars. The group is carefully moderated to promote useful and positive discussions. No hate speak or shaming will be tolerated. 

One of the rules of joining is to keep an open mind. Sometimes someone may say something you don't necessarily believe in, but if you have nothing useful to add to that particular discussion, scroll on. 

The group is private and members only. What is said in the group, stays on the group.

Fundamentally, the Symposium is designed to be a safe place to provide support to each other through our parenting adventures.

I shall be initiating a discussion each week on the group but members are free to post whenever and contribute as and when they like. (To start with, each post is only posted with admin approval but this may be changed depending on how the group goes).


They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in this modern world it is sometimes hard to find that village. We all have value and wisdom to impart.

So, come join us!



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